Being a chef in someone’s home is one of my passions, and my guiding principles are conviviality, sharing and quality. I will share some of my favourite Italian dishes tailored for your needs: original creations for a private or professional cocktail party, lunch or dinner.


From the burner to the plate, each dish is prepared on the spot to guarantee maximum freshness.


Typical 100% Italian produce selected according to the season and the theme of the event


Recipes include:

Baccalà mantecato (a cream of salted cod beaten in olive oil) that you spread either on a slice of polenta or on grilled bread (crostino), in the Venetian tradition;
Risotto with fresh seasonal vegetables: purple artichokes, peas, porcini mushrooms, or with cuttlefish ink. It melts in your mouth!
– Artisanal pasta: mezzi paccheri with a pesto sauce made of celery leaves, almonds and hazelnuts, with braised eggplants;
– Octopus salad, taggiasche olives, celery, rocket and so on…
Mostarda veneta: candled fruits with delightfully hot mustard essence served with cheese;
– A plate of different cheeses: a 36-month-old Parmigiano, a Blue cheese matured in mold, from Veneto, a burrata and its heart of melting stracciatella, from Puglia;
– Iced zabaione and mandorlato (nougat from the region of Venice)


The unique touch of the boot with taggiasche olives from Liguria and oregano and capers from Pantelleria to spice up all the dishes.

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